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I haven’t posted on a blog in years. I took a long break. For 8 years, I was dedicated to working  as a reference librarian and Intellectual Property Specialist, helping people learn what it takes to apply for a patent, trademark or copyright. I went to the USPTO in Alexandria.

Virginia for training, where I was able to rub Thomas Jefferson’s nose on a bronze bust for good luck. I was also a genealogist in the Florida Department of the Main Library in downtown Miami, where I helped individuals learn to use Genealogy Applications and other resources from the collection and internet to discover their ancestors. These are only a few of my passions.

Starting on a new path of reinvention, I’ve been busy traveling, creating artwork, working on healthy living, and taking care of the everyday necessities required in surviving well and happily.

I haven’t been able to commit to a single topic for the blog, so they will be sorted by category. If you are interested in Art, Intellectual Property, Wine, Genealogy, Travel, Culture and/or topics in the news, you may find something that interests you.


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